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Topic subjectRaeth's Role Chapter 2
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52508, Raeth's Role Chapter 2
Posted by Death_Angel on Wed 31-Dec-69 06:00 PM


Chapter 2

Leaving the Pines.
Added Mon Nov 10 08:49:22 2014 at level 1:

Winter had come, already the boughs of the pines were laden with snow. The
snow acted to muffle Raeth's footsteps as he made his way through the woods.
As he walked, he went over the plan once more in his head.

He would approach their camp just before dawn the next day, while sleep was
still clouding their thoughts. The three men from Udgaard would be consumed
with the chaos that would envelop their peaceful camp. Their struggle would
be brief, Raeth was no stranger to murder, and had become quite adept at the

He would leave the corpses unburied, so that the wolves might feast upon the
carrion, this would not only benefit the wolves, but would also serve to mask
the deed.

Their belongings would come in handy, most city folk carried more than they
needed, which was good for Raeth, their corpses kept him in warm clothing, and
he may even find a few things worth bartering away for much needed supplies.

As he moved into position to wait for nightfall, he could smell the woodsmoke
from their camp. Raeth took a moment to smile at the smell. Soon enough, he
knew he would bring the thick scent of smoke to their cities...and perhaps he
would never need to suffer the smell within the woodlands again.

Raeth had heard tell of a band of outlaws residing within a great tree to the
east. There, he thought he might find others with the same contempt for cities
and their denizens that he had. He decided he would investigate this tree...
just as soon as he finished the work at hand. The watchmen in the camp were
just now settling down to what would be their very last dinner.