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Topic subjectRaeth's Role Chapter 1
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52507, Raeth's Role Chapter 1
Posted by Death_Angel on Wed 31-Dec-69 06:00 PM


Chapter 1

Character Flaws and Traits
Added Mon Nov 10 08:48:24 2014 at level 1:

Character Flaws and Traits

Raeth has lived on his own as an outcast for most of his entire life. The
rest of the world would likely consider him a brigand, or outlaw.

Raeth despises cities and their inhabitants. He does not trust anyone
who claims to have a higher lot in life than anyone else. He would burn
every city to the ground, were he able.

Raeth is chaotic in nature, truly he has only one goal. That goal is the
absolute destruction of civilization.

Raeth spent his youth within the pine forests to the north of Udgaard, as
a result, he is extremely comfortable within forests, and is quite adept
to living on his own.

Raeth is very cautious when approaching new people, he doesn't trust many
that he has met, and has yet to make a true friend.

Raeth was born under the sphere of Combat. He seeks to destroy all civilization
and will not rest nor yield in this task