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Topic subjectRaeth's Skill List
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52500, Raeth's Skill List
Posted by Death_Angel on Wed 31-Dec-69 06:00 PM

Skill List

Level 1axe94%
Level 1dagger92%
Level 1mace98%
Level 1spear100%
Level 1sword89%
Level 1staff100%
Level 1whip83%
Level 1parry100%
Level 1talismans100%
Level 1recall100%
Level 2improved compare80%
Level 2improved consider95%
Level 2light armor use100%
Level 3elbow75%
Level 4camouflage100%
Level 5dirt kicking100%
Level 5quiet movement100%
Level 6fast healing100%
Level 6knee83%
Level 7acute vision100%
Level 7pathfinding100%
Level 7aim100%
Level 7dark vision1%
Level 8kick1%
Level 8second attack100%
Level 9dodge100%
Level 9butcher86%
Level 10herbs100%
Level 10protection heat cold100%
Level 10pen1%
Level 11disarm98%
Level 11skin73%
Level 11harvest79%
Level 12ambush100%
Level 12bone armor use81%
Level 13enhanced damage100%
Level 13lore100%
Level 14hand to hand100%
Level 14find water100%
Level 15haggle77%
Level 15tame75%
Level 15ignite100%
Level 16lash1%
Level 16pierce1%
Level 17strengthen82%
Level 18dual wield100%
Level 19creep100%
Level 20attune80%
Level 20shield cleave1%
Level 20pugil100%
Level 20warcry94%
Level 20brutal rush1%
Level 20serpent strike100%
Level 21thrust1%
Level 22camp100%
Level 23charge1%
Level 25third attack100%
Level 25improvise weapon1%
Level 25subvert70%
Level 26evade87%
Level 27ancient instincts100%