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Topic subjectRaeth's Statistics
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52488, Raeth's Statistics
Posted by Death_Angel on Wed 31-Dec-69 06:00 PM


Experience Breakdown

Experience from Cabal raiding21700
Experience from Skill improvements18454
Experience from Exploration15100
Experience from Quests9140
Experience from Commerce3590
Experience from Immortals700
Experience from Observation15750

Adventuring Statistics

Character Created  Mon Nov 10 07:11:14 2014
Quests Completed  18
Exploration Points Found  63
(WANTED) Criminal  7 times
     Murder4 times
     Theft0 times
     Looting0 times
     Offensive of Harmful Powers2 times
     Aiding a Known Criminal0 times
     Assaulting the Spire0 times
     Attacking Guildguards0 times
     Other1 times
Thickening the Veil0 items for 0
Thinning the Veil0 items for 0
Hours spent at Hero  41 hours
% of lifetime in the wilderness  86 %
% of lifetime in the cities  2 %
% of lifetime in the Inn of the Eternal Star  0 %
% of lifetime caballed  92 %