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Topic subjectCrraya's Role Chapter 8
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51891, Crraya's Role Chapter 8
Posted by Death_Angel on Wed 31-Dec-69 06:00 PM


Chapter 8

To love ones self
Added Mon Sep 9 16:18:23 2013 at level 46:

My birth mother loved me. I've never met her and I'm sure she's long
dead, but she brought me into this world, and by doing so she sacrificed
her life for me. For that one simple act, I will love her forever.

My Lady Mother, Rayihn, she saved me from the clutches of death and sent
the currents to bring me to her long ago. What she saw in a little wet
fela, I doubt I'll ever know - but I do know that she loves me. For giving
me the chance to taste the excitement of this world, I will love her
until the day I draw my last breath - and perhaps into the beyond as well.

Those loves were easy - as easy as breating, really.

However, it took me far longer than that to love my myself. What had I
done to deserve the sacrifices my mothers made in me? Did they know
something about me that I didn't know on my own?

These questions hounded me for years, haunting my dreams.

I'd wake up night after night, my heart pounding, soaked through in sweat
after the same nightmare tormented my unconscious self - I was back under
the turbulent water of the Seas, struggling for air... but this time
knowing that there was noone to save me. I was abandoned by my mother and
Lady Mother Rayihn, because I was unworthy of their love.

Only after all those sleepless nights did I realize one key thing - In
order to love myself I had to believe that I was worthy of love, that
there was a higher purpose waiting for me, whatever it was.

I would find that purpose in my dedication to my Battleragers and to
repaying my Lady Mother for her faith in me.

I am sure that these two loves would cause me conflict in the future
but to deny the power of either would be to lose myself.